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US Scallops in shellAn incredible Resource.

Offering sustainable seafood such as world class scallops, lobster, and finfish, Seatrade has built a reputation on quality and expertise. With a fully integrated vertical network and state-of-the-art-facilities, the company is a seafood leader from wharf to plate.

With over 35 years as a trusted name, the company excels at customer support, education and the resource tools needed for customer training. As part of our parent company East Coast Seafood Group, Seatrade remains one of the world's leading suppliers of North American lobster and scallops.  

A long time supporter of industry associations and a proud member of the National Fisheries Institute, Seatrade offers Marine Steward Council (MSC) CoC certified facilities.  


Top Quality Seafood Products

East Coast Seafood Group (ECSG), established in 1981, has built an unrivaled reputation as a global leader in the seafood industry around its signature products, North American lobster and North American scallops.

Today the company operates worldwide, fulfilling customer requirements and providing a diversified line of top quality seafood products. ECSG services customers across the globe from its facilities in the USA and Canada as well as its European sales and distribution operation.

ECSG customers and partners benefit from access to a vertically integrated network focused on maintaining high levels of product quality, reliability, and customer service. The ECSG portfolio of seafood companies includes but is not limited to East Coast Seafood, Seatrade International, Garbo LobsterMaine Fair Trade Lobster and Paturel International.  

  • Over $400 million in annual sales
  • Top 15 North American Seafood Supplier
  • More than 35 years as a leader in the seafood business
  • Procuring lobster and scallops directly from the boat
  • Committed to supplying high quality seafood and future company-wide BRC certification
  • MSC CoC certified state-of-the-art production facilities in USA and Canada

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