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Established in 1981, Seatrade® International is a leader in the North American scallop and lobster market as well as a processor of fin-fish species (dogfish, monkfish, and skate wings.)  With global sourcing and distribution capabilities, Seatrade delivers fresh and frozen to broadliners, wholesalers, and supermarkets in North America, Europe, and Asia, fulfilling the demanding needs of restaurants, institutional foodservice, and in-home consumers.  With a state-of-the-art seafood operation, we are proud to offer several Marine Steward Council (MSC) CoC certified facilities. Seatrade offers a consistent supply of seafood, packed under strict quality control supervision and traceability.

Seatrade is a subsidiary of East Coast Seafood Group (ECSG) headquartered in the greater Boston area.  Our customers and partners benefit from access to a vertically integrated network focused on maintaining high levels of product quality, reliability, and customer service. The ECSG portfolio of seafood companies include but is not limited to East Coast Seafood.

Full Vertical Network from boat to plate seatrade


Close to the resource, we offer frozen-at-sea product straight off the scallop boats or processing at our coastal facilities. Our procurement team works closely with the scallop resource to ensure a steady supply from the dock to our customers.

State-of the-Art-Facilities

Along the North Atlantic Coast our facilities sit close to the scallop fishing grounds and offer many important certifications. We adhere to high quality standards, and deliver scallops, lobster and fin-fish from our state-of-the-art operations.

Sustainable Business

Our goal is to increase the value of seafood worldwide to all partners, through ongoing education and by exceeding industry standards for corporate environmental and social responsibility. Plan Green works to support important initiatives focusing on five areas of change: energy, waste, community, education, and sustainability.

Quality Products

Our companies provide high quality products and services, fulfilling customers' requirements across the globe. Regardless of the location, we can ensure delivery, with control of the cold chain, of top quality products from boat to plate, 365 days a year.